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Introduction to Road and Track Para-cycling for Commissaires
Introduction to Para-Cycling for Commissaire
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Introduction to Para-Cycling for Commissaire

Introduction to Road and Track Para-cycling for Commissaires

A 2-hour online training course that forms part of the National, Elite National and International Road and Track Commissaire certification courses. It can also be used by anyone wanting to learn more about para-cycling, taken from the viewpoint of a Commissaire.

Additional potential audiences include existing Regional, National, Elite National and International Commissaires, National Federation staff, event organisers, Classifiers, and riders.

Learning outcomes:

1. Describe the evolution of para-cycling
2. Describe the organisation of para-cycling within the UCI
3. Identify the different officials at a para-cycling competition
4. Describe the para-cyclist
5. Describe the equipment requirements and checks for para-cycling competitions
6. Describe the para-cycling calendar and how to use it
7. Identify, compare and contrast para-cycling and able-bodied road/track events
8. Explain how to communicate with para-athletes

Note that this course does NOT grant participant special status. It is always up to either the National Federation (for ENC, National and Regional Commissaires) or the UCI (for International Commissaires) to decide on how passing this course will affect Commissaire status and assignments.